Standard Operation Procedures

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Standard Operation Procedures

Post  LILMaMa on Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:05 am

Purpose: To establish responsibilities and procedures governing the operation and management of the Yongsan Family Care Center.

Applicablity: This SOP Applies to all personnel involved in providing daily management/oversight of the Yongsan Family Care Center. Individuals and family members who are eligible and require medical care provided by the 121st Combat Support Hospital and live at least 30 minutes outside of Yongsan are eligible to stay at the Family Care Center.

Mission: To provide affordable, safe, comforable, temporary lodging for patients and family members of patients undergoing treatment at 121st Combat Support Hospital.

a. The Directorate of Public Works will provide maintenance and repair support to the Family Care Center.
b. The department of Nursing NCOIC will operate and manage the Family Care Center, providing daily management/oversight, through MWR Sports Building.

Operation and Management
a. SRF Hurst, is responsible for supervising the day to day operation of the Family Care Center. Point of contact is at building 7005, 737-5400/10-8856-9386 RM 1568.

The OB/Gyn will accept referrals for occupancy in the Family Care Center from 121. The 121 point of contact at 737-5400. Referrals must be in writing on the referrals from at Enclosure 1, and must include the following information:
a. Name and Rank
b. Home duty station (Unit address, home and duty phone numbers and installation name)
c. Number of family members to occupy the room
d. Expected length of stay
e. Accopanied or unaccompanied family
f. Name and phone number of 121 Combat Support Hospital point of contact or other referring medical provider.

Guest will be givien one building and one room key. Hand receipt to the return when the keys are returned at check out. Extra keys wil be kept in a locked key box. The Staff Duty Officer will not release keys to guest, but ill go to the family Care Center to unlock the doors if necessary.

As part of the check in process, 121 NCOIC will provide a copy of the Yongsan Family Care Center Rules sheet to the guest (Please refer to the next topic). The guest will be asked to read and sign the house rules sheets. The NCOIC will keep the original and will provide a copy to the guest.

Check in time is between the hours of 09-1800, based on room availability. Check out time is 1200. Guest will come to the DON Administration office to check in or out of the Center unless other specific arragements are made.

MWR Sports billesting will be responsible for cable service.

Daily maid service is not provided for guest rooms. Guests are expected to keep their rooms clean and to launder lines as needed.

Service members and their dependants are responsible for cleaning vacated rooms and prepare them for the next family to include:
a. The Centers Rules Sheet given to each registering guest, instructs guest to put any sheets, towels and/or mattress pads soiled with blood or urine, in a sealed garbage bag to be left in the laundry rooms. These items must be laundrered in hot water and laundry soap.
b. Launder towels. Put clean towels in the bathrooms.
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