Family Care Center House Rules

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Family Care Center House Rules

Post  LILMaMa on Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:18 am

1. Be security and safety conscious. Keep your room and exterior doors locked at all times. Close exterior doors securely as you come and go. Please use the front door. The rear door is for emergencies exit only.

2. Be considerate of your fellow guest at all times. Close doors gently, pick up after yourself, and avoid leaving a mess for others to clean. Quite time hours are between 9pm to 7am. No more then two visitors are allowed at any one time in order to respect the space and quiet time of others at the Center.

3. Check out time in 1200 at Room 1568.

4. The Center does not have maid service. Prompt and thorough clean ups are a must in the common areas. Guest are expected to keep their rooms clean. Clean linens are provided at check in. Laundry room facilities are provided, guests will wash linens as needed during their stay.

5. Two sheets must be used on all beds and sleeper sofas as a general rule of hygiene for everyone who stays at the Center. Sheets, towels and mattress pads soiled with bloos and/or urine must be place in a clean, secrued garbage bag and left in the laundry room.

6. Please report and breakage of malfunctioning of equipment or utility service within the Center immediately to SFC Hurst.

7. Smoking is not allowed in the Center or within 50 feet of the front enterance. Guests who smoke outside must properly dispose of cigarette butts.

8. Alcoholic beverages may not be stored or consumed inside or on the grounds of the Center.

9. Pets are not permitted inside or on the grounds of the Center.

10. Firearms, Explosive, Fire works, chemicals, illegal drugs, or other harmful agents/devices are prohibited inside or on the grounds of the Center.

11. Children must be supervised at all times. Baby-sitting services are not provided at the Center. Parents are responsible for supervising and cleaning up after their children. Children may not be left unattended under any circumstances. An adult, age 18 or older, must supervise your children at all times.

12. Families who have been exposed to infectious/contagious disease must report the situation to their medical provider at the hospital.

13. Patients are responsible for cleanliness of the kitchen and washing of dishes used by that patient.

14. If member is not a service member, sponsor's data will be filled in.
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