Daegu / Camp Carroll Religious Services

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Daegu / Camp Carroll Religious Services

Post  Daphne and Co on Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:45 am

Daegu/Camp Carroll

USAG Daegu Chaplain: 764-5455
USAG Daegu UMT NCOIC: 764-5459
Administration Section: 764-4498
Camp Walker Collective Protestant
POC: 768-6799
Tuesday•6:30 a.m., Bible and Bagels, Chapel Annex
•10:00 a.m., Korean Women Bible Study, Chapel Annex
9:00 a.m., Protestant Women of the Chapel, Fellowship Hall

Thursday•7 p.m., Choir Rehearsal, Chapel Sanctuary First Saturday of the Month
•7:45 a.m., Men of the Morning Calm, Annex
Sunday•9 a.m., Adult Sunday School, Annex Fellowship Hall
•10:20 a.m., Children's Church, Annex
•10:30 a.m., Worship Services, Chapel Sanctuary
Camp Walker CatholicPOC: 764-5458
Saturday•4:30 p.m., Confessions, Chapel Sanctuary
Sunday•8:30 a.m., Confessions, Blessed Sacrament Chapel Sanctuary
•9:00 a.m., Catholic Mass, Chapel Sanctuary•10:10 a.m., Religious Education, Chapel Annex and Fellowship Hall POC: 764-5458
Church of ChristSunday•4:00 p.m., Sunday Bible School, Class Room 1•5:00 p.m., Worship Service, Chapel Sanctuary
POC: 768-8073
Camp Walker GospelPOC: 010-8750-5784

Wednesday•6:45 p.m., Bible Study, Sanctuary
Saturday•7:00 a.m., Prayer Breakfast, Annex
•8:45 a.m., Praise and Worship, Chapel Sanctuary
•9:30 a.m., Choir rehearsal, Annex
•1:00 p.m., Praise Dance rehearsal, Sanctuary
Sunday•11:20 a.m., Children's Church, Fellowship Hall
•12:15 p.m., Worship Service, Sanctuary
•2:30 p.m., Praise Dance rehearsal, Sanctuary

Tuesday •7:00 p.m., Choir Practice, Sanctuary
•2:15 p.m., Worship Service, Sanctuary
•2:30 p.m., Praise Dance rehearsal, Sanctuary

Club Beyond

Tuesday •7:00 p.m., Beyond Belief Bible Study, Annex
Sunday •4:00 p.m., Club Beyond meeting, Fellowship Hall

KATUSA ServiceTuesday•6:00 p.m., Worship Service, Classroom 1
POC: 764-5003
LDS ServiceSunday (Suseong Ward Building)•Noon, Worship Service
POC: 768-7193
Camp Carroll (Waegwan) servicesTuesday•11:40 a.m., Contemporary Worship Service, Sanctuary
•7:00 p.m., KATUSA Worship Services, Chapel Annex
•10:00 a.m., Protestant Worship Service, Chapel Sanctuary•11:45 a.m., Catholic Mass, Chapel Sanctuary

POC: 765-8991

If you are calling from a stateside Non DSN Line
Dial 011-82-53-470-XXXX (Last 4 digits of Number)
for Camps Walker, Henry, and George in the Daegu City area.
Locally from off base dial 053-470-XXXX.

If you are calling from a stateside Non DSN Line
Dial 011-82-54-970-XXXX (Last 4 digits of Number)
for Camp Carroll in the Waegwan City area.
From off base dial 054-970-XXXX.
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