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Post  bjeb318 on Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:16 am

iPhones are very expensive here and you would have to pay a large deposit as well. We just got Korean cell phones on the ville and pay about 50,000 won a month for service. Using American cell phones here, or making international calls on a Korean cell phone, is extremely expensive! Use an international calling card if you have to make calls to America.

All of the bases have cell phone stores on the villes where you can get a plan, you just need a military ID and a credit card number. For calls home we use Skype and video chat, it's free to another computer. And even for calling land lines or cell phones it is very cheap.

I can't think of a way to have immediate cell phone service when you get to the airport, sorry. They do have internet terminals though so if you need to skype or IM someone once you land you could do that.

We have Magic Jack...and prepaid cell phones. My prepaid cell is really cheap..it is $9/month for the activation card and I got a card with 175 minutes when we moved here Sep 1 and I still have 100 minutes on it. I guess I don't know enough people to use it that much. My husband has a prepaid as well and his runs him about 20,000 won/month (depending on how much he uses it). The Magic Jack is pretty good...It could be a daegu thing, but there are times when the internet slows down real bad when everyone and their brother is on it at the same time...so the magic jack tends not to work so well at those times (mostly weekends/holidays). Otherwise, I've been really pleased with it so far. Heck..$19.95 for a year of service..it's worth it!

Don't forget there is more to Skype than email chatting and web cams. We bought a little box that connects to the computer and allows you to plug a normal cordless phone to the computer. Now it works in and out like a regular phone.

I just found out that if you have an iPod Touch, you can download the Skype App and talk off Skype on your iPod!! It is free to d/l this app, plus it is free to talk to other people through Skype!! Everybody probably already knew this... but I just found out, so I thought id share!! Im always the last to know everything!! You can pay the $6 fee a month to call back to the US to any landline or mobile or I think its like $12 a month to call any landline or mobile anywhere!! So instead of having to be at your computer to actually use the phone, you can use it even when your out, but you would probably have to be close to somewhere that has wifi!!

MAGIC JACK! It's the only way to go internet here is super cheap and it's so easy to hook up! You can order them online by the way! You only pay $20 for the whole year! How can you beat that. We have an Idaho number so our family can call without it costing them anything as well. I have calling minutes on my magic jack as well to call my husbands cell phone it was SO CHEAP way cheaper that any calling card from the PX. We have phones from the USO. I have an unlocked iphone. I was planning on using it when I got over here. Yes they sell iphones but I don't think they know how to service them yet since it's fairly new. They don't use sim cards like in the us. That's all I needed. The iphone plans are super expensive because you can't get one without the internet here. Like there version of 3G is not unlimited. SO I couldn't just get a phone card to put in it like I had planned. So I just use my iphone as a translator and put it on airplane mode with wifi connected. GPS doesn't even work since google maps doesn't know where south korea is anyway. You can download all korean apps on itunes as well. They have the bus system, train system, conversions money and liters and what not, and they have translators on there that are really good! I can't leave the house without mine. Sucks I have to carry two phones though. But I'm pretty sure I'm way smarter than them since the guy hadn't even seen a working iphone before. LOL!!!
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