Specialty Hair Care Products Listing

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Specialty Hair Care Products Listing

Post  Daphne and Co on Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:17 pm

A listing of places both in South Korea and Online of places who sell specialty hair care products.. (Online listings ship APO)

drugstore.com (haircare section)
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From a hairdresser's point of view?!

Post  Megeshorty on Tue Mar 09, 2010 6:21 am

I'm going to start selling Avon here soon because Shampoo at the PX here at Casey has been on the shelf for I'm guessing a little over two years because of the bottle I can tell ICK! Shampoo does go bad. Avon is cheap and good quality better than Pantene Pro V you can also order it online and they ship to APO's.www.Avon.com. They have a great selection of make up too because I wouldn't buy anything from the PX either it's been sitting there just as long as some of the deodorant for woman ick! Lotte Mart is really expensive. I do suggest ordering from www.Folica.com. You can order any professional product from there, flat irons, blow dryers, everything! I highly recommend that website I use it myself. They have nail polish and great deals on shipping most of the time. If you need a consultation about what you should order because in Korea you should be using different stuff than at home. The climate is completely different here. Let me know I'm a product whore. Lol. I know all hair types. And have used most hair product brands. Just email me and I can recommend something if you are having problems. I will be able to soon order in professional brands at low cost. I get them wholesale or pretty close to it. So if you know what you like, you can let me know I hope to make an order once a month. Email me at Megeshorty@aol.com.

Thanks Amanda
P.S. I won't be selling avon to make money but to help supply army wives with decent stuff and share shipping cost to make it cheaper!

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