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Post  bjeb318 on Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:30 am

i went to ms.lee. she is a midwife and wonderful. dr. kim was the one that delivered because he was on call. there are some wonderful nurses and a few not so wonderful ones. my experience was wonderful. i had an epidural but im sure natural would be good too. and yes off post for 3d u/s

Ms. Lee is AWESOME! A friend of mine had her as a mid-wife. Unfortunately midwives dont run here the way they do in the states.....

I went to Dr. Sung in Hannam-dong for my 3d's. They told me the sex of my baby at 13 weeks and was right on. The prices was reasonable as well!!!

for anyone near or stationed at CRC (Uijeoungbu) the Shin Womans's Hospital is awesome. They speak pretty well english and are very friendly. Its very reasonable for a doctor visit and ultrasound.
The address is
#492-3, uijeoungbu-2dong, Uijeoung-si
Gyeonggi-do, 480-848, Korea
Tel : 031) 879-3800
email www.shinwoman.co.kr
or insook1676@hanmail.net

At Casey there are two women that are duala's. The one is on a break due to being pregnant but is training the other lady. Thats what I'm using for my pregnancy. They will go where ever you are having the baby or where ever you live. I believe there is a midwife that works at 121 when I have my appointment with my duala I'll ask her about it.

Ajou international hospital in Suwon has a great womens clinic. They did my first ultrasound on me because I came in scared something was wrong. They always have an english speaking doctor there too.
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