Korea Emoticons (a cute informational on having fun with your txt messages)

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Korea Emoticons (a cute informational on having fun with your txt messages)

Post  Daphne and Co on Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:01 am

As I'm a frequent user of smileys (or emoticons) I thought it would be nice to include a small reference guide of these handy text-enhancing (and off course sweet) buddies.
This Guide is by no means complete, it's just a short entry into the wonderfull world of asian typing (^o^)

The one's I prefer to use are 'Korean-Styled'. In my opinion they're more expressive an less silly then the European / American ones. The whereabouts of this typical form of smiley traces itself back to battle.net. This is an online service of game-developer blizzard entertainment, the creators of the War- and Starcraft, as well as the Diablo-franchise. This online battle.net service enables players form all over the world to compete against each other.
As playing computer games is a possible form of employment in South-Korea the online gaming industry is very focussed on fulfilling their every need. The use of their smileys is a direct example of this.

Okay, now that's been clearified let's get on with the guide:

Expressing emotions:
(^_^) = smile

(^o^) = laughing out loud

d(^_^)b = thumbs up (not ears)

(T_T) = sad (it's a crying face)

(-.-)Zzz = sleeping

(Z.Z) = sleepy person

\(^_^)/ = cheers, hurrah

(*^^*) = shyness

(-_-); = sweating (as in ashamed)

(^_^);; = sorry! my mistake

(?_?) = nonsense, i don't know

(^_~) = wink

(o.O) = surprise

v(^_^)v = victory

(>^_^)> = hugging

(>^_^)> <(^_^<) = hugging each other (^o^)

>))))'> = a fish

>))))'><'((((< = kissing fish (^o^)

<')++++< = a fish bone

Vm~ = a fox

() () = a rabbit

(^(oo)^) = a pig

(( )) = a bird

()()() ()()()
(-(-(-.-)-)-) = rabbit gang

= = = = :} = a snake

@}-;--`-- = a rose

>(/////)< = a candy

=]::::::> = a sword

---E = a fork

(=^_^=) = a cat

||||||////////////////### = a Cigarette break
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Daphne TheSuperior here are some more commonly used smileys..

o(>< )o o( ><)o-wriggle
(*^^)^*) =kiss
p(*^-^*)q =cheer!!
(/-_·)/D·····------ ? (;/?o?)/=hittting someone with an arrow
(; ·_·)?????????C<?_-)=capture
?(^_^?)(?^_^)?=singing or dANCing
m(_ _)m=im sorry

actually korean smileys are sort of similar to Japanese smileys..

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Daphne TheSuperior I learned about this one: It means frustrated:

OTL (The O is the guy's head, the T is his arms and the L is the guy's legs)

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Daphne TheSuperior Aja aja fighting Q('-'Q)

My friend uses these: ^^; or ^^;;;; < ---- sweating or sweating a lot

Today she used: ^___________^ < ---- very happy

^ ^
(=+.+=) Cat

"+.+" Kitten

><}}}"> A fish

><}}}}"><"{{{{>< Kissing fish

A lot of these (most of them, actually) aren't really Korean, but just East Asian in general. These most definitely are, though:
-?-a (scratching head)
'?'b (Thumbs up)
'?'? (The finger)
??? is more commonly used than Orz

drive your husbands crazy with all these as I do.. It's fun Smile
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