Calling your Waiter

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Calling your Waiter

Post  Jules on Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:27 pm

Originally posted by Daphne:

Calling Your Waiter: It's tough to know what to say in a foreign country to get a waiter/waitress' attention. Here are the terms for Korea:

To call to your table (casual): yeogi-yo (literally, here please).

To call a waiter: ajeosshi (said kind of like a-jew-she, literally means: man of marrying/middle age).

To call a waitress: ajooma or (more polite) ajomeoni (sounds like a-jew-moe-knee. literally means: middle aged lady).

To call a younger waitress (or flatter an older one): agasshi (a-ga-she, liteally is girl--believe it or not, ladies here like to be called girl even into their 50s).

The pure local way to call a waitress: onni (on-knee. technically it means 'older sister' as said by a younger sister, but in this instance men can use it too
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