What it is and Who qualifies

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What it is and Who qualifies Empty What it is and Who qualifies

Post  LILMaMa on Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:07 am

Operations directed by the Department of State in conjunction with the Department of Defense, whereby noncombatants are evacuated from foreign countries when their lives are endangered by war, civil unrest, or natural disaster to safe havens or to the United States.

Who Qualifies as a Noncombatant Evacuee?
US citizens who may be orderedto evacuate
US Government civilian employees and dependents
US Armed Forces family members
Design US Armed Forces Military Personel

US/non-US citizens who may be authorized assistance
Private US citizens and their dependents
Legal permanent residents of the US
Designated foreign national employees of the US Government and their dependents
Designated foreign nationalsg%3ated US Armed Forces military personnel2073;
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