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Obstetrics at 121 Empty Obstetrics at 121

Post  LILMaMa on Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:27 am

If you are experiencing cramping, bleeding, contractions, abdominal pain, leaking of fluid or decreased fetal movement, please call the OB clinic at 737-3259 to speak with the triage nurse. Same day appointments are available for these urgent complaints during regular duty hours 0730-1630.

If you have non urgent concerns, please call the OB triage nurse at 737-3259 for advice and assistance.

After hours (1630-0730), women <20 weeks and women with non obstetric complaints should be evaluated in the Emergency Department 737-5545. Women >20 weeks, with obstetric complaints, please walk in at the WICU. Let us know you are on your way by calling 737-4243.

Obstetric Care
Duty Hours 07-1630
Clinic 737-2273 #1 #2 #2
Triage Nurse 737-3259

After Hours 1630-0730
Eergency DEPT 737-5545
WICU 737-4243
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