What things do you have to help me during labor?

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What things do you have to help me during labor?

Post  LILMaMa on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:03 am

They carry two different sized birthing balls, and have a mirror if you wish to see your delivery. The bed can adjust into many positions, including a birthing chair style. For pain, they offer epidural, intrathecal, and IV pain meds. You may also be able to reeive lidocaine at the perineum or a pudendal block to assist with pain during the actual birth. Some of these methods may not be available to you depending on how close you are to deliver, or if it is a safety issue for you and your baby. They also work differently for everyone, and they cannot guarandtee a completely pain free birth. They will, however, do everything they can to assist you in management of your pain.
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