Should I bring a birth plan?

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Should I bring a birth plan? Empty Should I bring a birth plan?

Post  LILMaMa on Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:28 am

Yes. They highly encourage you to create a birth plan so they can better serve you and your baby. Please remember that their main goal is to deliver a healthy baby and prevent fetal and maternal destress, therefore, they may be unable to follow your birth plan in the event of fetal or maternal complications. If something should happen where they do not wish to follow the birth plan to the T. Make sure that you get all the facts about what is going on, what they feel they should do and only if you or your couch feel like it should be done then you follow what they are trying to do. But that is only if you feel it should happen. Remember get all the facts, try and listen as closely as you can, and follow your gut instinct.
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