What support is available for breastfeeding?

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What support is available for breastfeeding? Empty What support is available for breastfeeding?

Post  LILMaMa on Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:42 am

At WICU they are working toward having a breastfeeding friendly enviroment. Research has shown that breastfeeding is best for your baby, and they will encourage and help you as much as they can. They have a lactation consultant that can come to the floor to assist you, a home health nurse that is specializes in new parent care and breastfeeding, and all of their nurses are trained to help you. There are also free breastfeeding classes offereend at this hospital that they encourage you attend. They has Breast Friendly pillows as well as for your support. Many patients number one concern is that they "don't have any milk." When the baby is born, the mother will make colostrum frist, and her milk will come in about 3-5 days after delivery. Even if you can't express your colostrum by hand or by breast pump, your baby's mouth is made is such a way enable them to express it themselves. It is very rare that we have a patient that can not produce enough colostrum or milk to breastfeed her baby. Please give them a chance to help you.
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