Traveling with Children

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Traveling with Children

Post  bjeb318 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:33 pm

This was from our member Franka Butler here are some of the things I found I needed when travelling overseas...

at least 5 changes of clothing (oh yes I have needed that many before, my son's digestive system is not doing great with flying)
pepto bismol
1 diaper per hour of travel (same reason as previous 2)- I pack them in sets 1 for my son and 1 for my daughter with a small bag of wipes all in a quart sized ziplock bag, so I just have to grab a baggie instead of lugging the whole diaper back through a crowded plane)
small toys w/o sound effects (i wrap up usually 2 or 3 brand new small toys each, they love the unwrapping)
3 or so small books
snacks snacks and more snacks (I usually pack 4 days worth for every 1 day we travel, it is amazing how much my kiddos munch when we are travelling)
blankets they love
comfort items (mine have a stuffed animal each)
nasal spray ( helps a lot with the ears popping on the plane, keeps it to a minimum)
pain killers (you never know, but I dont "drug" my kids for flying)
wipes in small zip lock bags
premeasured drink mix (I have a formula dispenser I use for that)
I make them their own IDs to take, my son loved showing that at passport control
I take pictures of them in every outfit I carry before we fly just in case they get lost or there is an emergency
baby neckrolls
a fresh t-shirt for me (never needed that b/f kids- but has come in handy, throw up anyone)
a few empty bags
slippers and extra socks for on the plane

Other than that I take the usual, car seat and travelmate (see car seat thread), outerwear and shoes/boots

I usually need 2 carry ons one big backpack and a big shoulder bag just for the kids, but I don't need much a book, socks and wallet and keys and that is pretty much all I take for myself (I pack my empty handbag in the suitcase I can't deal with that in addition to all the kids stuff), the kids do keep me super busy during the travel I wont have time for much else anyway

My list is for my kids now, when they were younger there were some more things -formula, baby water and tea (they will let you take these on the plane even pre-made in a bottle -though they could make you try it never happened to me,but a friend of mine asked them after that request of whether they though that was sanitary and they let her pour a bit in a paper cup, so you might wanna take one of those if you are travelling with infants- they are specialty items that are exempt from the 3oz rule)

the kiddie id and the pictures are a great idea franka!

if you are traveling on a korean air flight (which you might) they are great about providing a backpack of activities for the kids (which helps), but i still suggest bringing activites for your kids in addition, since kids have such a short attention span..

shoes to slip on or off are a must especially with kids since they make you take off your shoes at airport checking..

Tons of snacks

gameboys, DS's, MP3 players are great things to bring, just make sure you have them out at the checking for inspection, and dont forget to bring the earphones..

a roll of diaper trash bags or any other spare bags are definately a must, especially with all the snack wrappers the kids go through as well as dirty diapers..

gum (if they are old enough.. helps with the ear popping also.. binkies or pacifiers for the little ones)

a water bottle.. (they may try to stop you like they did for me, but a reminder that your allowed to bring them for the babies, and a test suggestion will do the trick..) keep in mind they may test it with this paper stick thing, so you may have to wait while they do that..

also, any toiletries keep in a quart size clear bag.. as long as the bags are on top of your stuff in your cases, visible and in the sealed bags they wont hassle you.. there is a 3oz rule for toiletries, but 4oz and 5 oz bottles or tubes of things i took, and as long as they are in the quart bag, they leave you alone about it.

wipes!!!! massively important!!

spare toothbrush in your carry one, because after all those hours.. you know.. (korean air has them in the bathrooms which was nice)

keep you diaper changing gear readily available and easily accessible..

and for anyone as short as me ..(4'11) try to keep the stuff you'll need on hand (diapers, snacks) on your person.. otherwise, you'll have to wait for someone to assist you with the luggage compartment overheard and with a stinky or crying kiddie waiting that could be a hassle ..

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