Bringing a vehicle BACK from Korea

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Bringing a vehicle BACK from Korea

Post  bjeb318 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:03 pm

Your Responsibilities at Origin
The following is a list of requirements that will make shipping your POV overseas a lot easier:

Seven copies of orders
Driver's license
Proof of ownership
ID card
Complete set of keys, to include gas cap and wheel-lock keys (keep a set for yourself)
Turn off or disconnect auto alarm or anti-theft device
Letter of authority or power of attorney if someone other than the service member. The spouse who's name is on your PCS order does not need POA or LOA Vehicle must be in good operating condition
Must be clean, no mud or dirt, to include the undercarriage
Empty glovebox and door pockets
Provide destination address where you may be notified when vehicle is ready for pickup
Make sure POV meets host-nation emission-control and safety standards
Antifreeze test to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit (lower shipping to Alaska)
Remove catalytic converter, if applicable
Your Responsibilities at Destination
When you or a designated agent pick up the POV at the destination you must have:
Proper Identification (military ID, driver's license)
Copy of DD Form 788 (Vehicle shipping Document)
Complete set of keys
Make sure items left in the POV at origin are still there
List any loss or damage on DD Form 788
Please not that if your vehicle is picked up within 45 days from the postmarked date of notification, you are subject to the vehicle being placed in storage at your expense

Shipping a car overseas is no easy task. But now the Military Traffic Management Command uses a computerized Internet system to locate service members’ vehicles 24 hours a day. You also have access to the information. All you have to do is visit the "Where is my POV?" site at and enter your order number and last name.

Your vehicle's location will appear on the computer monitor. If you prefer, you can obtain the same information by calling the toll-free phone number of their nearest vehicle-processing center. Directions and maps to the processing centers and more detailed information on shipping a vehicle can be found at MTMC's vehicle shipment site.

In 1998 DOD went to a Single Contractor Program for processing and shipping military members’ POVs. The old system use to require as many as 9 separate contractors to handle the shipment. This new system has not only increased delivery times by 15 to 20 days but has also decreased losses and damages by about 8 percent to 12 percent. The contractor is charged for the damages instead of the federal government. Additionally the contractor gets paid only when the customer takes delivery of their car. All these initiatives have helped improve customer satisfaction!
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