Iri Jewelry Center, Namwon Market (North Jeolla (Cholla) Province)

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Iri Jewelry Center, Namwon Market (North Jeolla (Cholla) Province)

Post  Daphne and Co on Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:44 am

Iri Jewlery Center;
This market in Iksan specializes in jewelry and precious metals. Open every day except Tuesdays
Bus Terminals: Iksan Intercity Terminal, Iksan Terminal

In this market, you can find a wide selection of items made from wood and brass, as well as fans and Korean traditional paper (hanji). Located in Namwon, it is open on days ending in "4" or "9" (e.g., 4th, 9th).
Trains: Namwon- Jeolla Line
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