Curtains (reposted) Answers form the Casey Area

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Curtains (reposted) Answers form the Casey Area

Post  Daphne and Co on Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:04 am

Amber Thompson The korean apts have huge windows. Where is a cheap place to get curtains/blinds? Any info? I'm in Viva and we need something here!

Sandy Adams we need some too..we're in world meridian....i've seen a place on post at the little shoppette place that sells them for meridian and viva..just not sure about pricing

Amber Thompson I know that e-furniture inside the little mall at the PX has them. I haven't looked at prices of the curtains but i saw a sign that said $138 i think. Furniture wise they're more expensive then off post though so there has to be a place to get them cheaper!

Brie Sauro Matthews If you can find a fabric store off can usually get some fabric really inexpensively..and take your window measurements and they can make your curtains by hand there. The fabric store here in Daegu is soooo much cheaper than trying to buy curtains off the shelf at the store, plus so much better quality!

Amber Thompson Oh wow, thats a great idea Brie! I didn't know they would make them there... Not I just have to find a fabric store...

Daphne TheGreat curtain store right next to the radio store I gave directions too.. coming from benest to jihaeng, its on the opposite side of the station, near green mart.. its a little curtain store, good prices.. there is also a curtain store in yangju in the outlet area of town

Daisy Eneriz theres this place right across the street from gate 1 called new world blankets...they cost about $70 and she will make them for u whatever color you like

Jennifer Neal I just got curtains about a month or more ago! Go to Camp Hovey's furiture store. I bought mine for my livingroom and bedroom and they even came and hung them up. (By the way I live at World Meridian) For the livingroom it was pricey it was $160 I think...maybe a bit cheaper and for our bedroom is was $65. I think they look great, our livingroom ones keep the room nice and dark but our bedroom ones aren't as thick which is most likely why they were cheaper but they get the job done.

LaTonya Williams-Talbott i ordered mines from they should be here next week.

Victoria Childress Great website LaTonya, my kind of prices.

LaTonya Williams-Talbott mines too. i checked it out before we got here. i called this morning about their codes. only thing is the shipping was like 50.00 but i got 10 off after i called.

Samantha Kimble OK so not even going to lie to ya'll I went and bought a twin size bedsheets and I use those are curtains. real cheap and easy to put up.

LaTonya Williams-Talbott we have sheets up now. i wanted blinds but i thought i would not have a use for them in the next place. at least with these i can reuse them

Briana Guess We went to E-Mart in the grocery part on the lower level they have bedding and curtains. We got curtains for Baileys room and the living room plus the rods for like 178,000 won. They had cheaper ones, more expensive ones and kid ones. We are very pleased with ours. I think the size you need for the the World Meridian living room was 490 (it has this number listed on the package, there is also a sales lady that helped us, she was very good and spoke english) and the size for Baileys room was like 350 (im not sure of the 50 but definitely in the 300s and the number we got was the only 300 number...just not quite sure). These curtains fit wonderfully in length and look great too.

Amanda Michelle Matlock We ordered ours from E-Furniture. Depends on the type of curtains you get our bedroom ones which are the same size as the living room were cheaper and they go on a strip. They were only 100 and are green. The living room ones were 158 because they come on a rod so the curtains have holes in the top like a shower curtain kinda thing. So pick the ones without the rods they are much nicer and you can't see in. They think rods are fancy here or something lol! But they installed them for free and came the next day. It was so easy. We also saw them at Lotte Mart but they were 160 and they do install them but I'm pretty sure they charge for the rod and stuff. E-Furniture has a location at the PX at Camp Casey and they have the measurements for all the apartments if you tell them where you live they speak very good english I was surprised! And they have the one located at Camp Hovey is the main furniture store where you can see them on display so you know how thick they are or if they are see through. We are ordering two more small curtains for the other two rooms. I just can't find curtains for my kitchen or laundry room those small windows are creepy at nice because everyone can see in!! I live at Viva Family by the way.

Amber Thompson Well i ended up ordering curtains on Crappy thing is it said not to expect them till the end of march and it cost $50 in shipping. I did however get curtains and rods for both bedrooms and the living room for $200. I'll let you all know when they arrive on how decent they are. I think they're supposed to be the energy saver/blackout kind of curtains... In total I spent $250 for all rooms. I don't think that was too bad. Now I just need to wait for them to arrive...

Sable McCulley our Realtor got them put in for us, well shade/blindes things
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