Hot Spring Spas and Resorts (the best kept secrets in Korea)

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Hot Spring Spas and Resorts (the best kept secrets in Korea) Empty Hot Spring Spas and Resorts (the best kept secrets in Korea)

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Korea is endowed with many beautiful hot springs, most of which are also effective in helping treat various kinds of diseases, including skin diseases and gastro-enteric troubles. Each spa has its own legend involving some historic people or long-forgotten individuals who benefitted from the efficacy of the mineral water in the hot springs.

The term “bath” originates from the English city of Bath, where the historic remains of an Ancient Roman Baths complex still stand. The site is very well preserved. This demonstrates the fact that from ancient times people have enjoyed taking a hot bath to relax or relieve fatigue.

Here are some hot spring spas in Korea, where you can enjoy a bath, sauna, massage and leisure time with your families or friends. Each has its own distinctive characteristics in terms of scenic beauty in the surrounding areas or medicinal efficacy, so you can choose which hot spring spa to visit this winter. Many of the hotels, motels, or public bathhouses also provide various programs for travel-weary people or families with children. Doesn't a hot bath with your family or friends in a scenic spot this cold winter sound like an attractive option?

Suanbo Hot Springs

You don't have to travel very far from Seoul to reach the hot spring spa resort in Suanbo, Chungcheongbuk-do (North Chungcheong Province). Hot spring waters in this region are mildly alkaline and contain various beneficial substances, such as radium, calcium, sodium, fluorine and magnesium.

The natural temperature of the spring waters is 53℃ and feels very smooth and refreshing. Gushing forth from the underground elvan rock bed, the hot spring waters in this region are particularly known for their efficacy in delaying the aging process of skin cells.

For more information, call 043-846-3605 (Suanbo Hot Spring Spa and Tourism Council) or click (Korean).

Suanbo Koresco Hotel
Telephone: 043-846-3636

Chosun Tourist Hotel
Telephone: 043-848-8833

Sangnok Hotel
Telephone: 043-845-3500

Suanbo Park Hotel
Telephone: 043-846-2331/6

Suanbo Daerim Hotel
Telephone: 043-846-3111

Sungshi Spa Hotel
Telephone: 043-843-2001

Hanwha Resort Condo
Telephone: 1588-2299
Websites: (Korean) and (English)

Suanbo HI-SPA
Telephone: 043-846-8898

☆How to get there:
1) Jungbu Expressway: Hobeop Junction ⇒ Yeoju ⇒ Jungbu Naeryuk (inland) Expressway ⇒ Chungju Interchange ⇒ Goesan Interchange ⇒ Suanbo
2) Jungbu Expressway: Jeungpyeong Interchange ⇒ National Road No. 36 ⇒ Chungju ⇒ Suanbo
3) Yeongdong Expressway: Yeoju ⇒ Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway ⇒ Chungju Interchange ⇒ Goesan ⇒ Suanbo

Seorak Hot Springs

1) Seorak Waterpia

Seorak Waterpia is an affiliate of Hanwha Resort Condominium Chain that stands at the foot of Mt. Seorak, Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province). The spa resort is located between Seorak Mountain National Park and the East Sea, so that tourists can take in the scenic beauty of the mountain and sea at the same time.

The 49℃ hot spring waters in this region contain neutral sodium carbonate combined with positive and negative ions. Besides hot spring baths, Seorak Waterpia provides visitors with chances to swim and play in pools.

Telephone: 033-635-7700
Website: (Korean) and (English)
Address: 24-1 Jangsa-dong, Sokcho, Gangwon-do

☆Admission fees:
Weekdays: 27,500 won (adult) and 21,000 won (child)
Weekends: 30,000 won (adult) and 22,500 won (child)

☆How to get there:
Gyeongbu Expressway ⇒ Hobeop Interchange ⇒ Yeongdong Expressway ⇒ Hyeonnam Interchange ⇒ National Road No. 7 ⇒ Yangyang ⇒ Sokcho ⇒ Seorak Waterpia

2) Cheoksan Hotspring Spa

Telephone: 033-636-4807/8
Address: 939-7 Nohak-dong, Sokcho, Gangwon-do

The mineral waters in this region look slightly bluish, as they contain fluorine and radium. They are effective in helping treat skin and eye diseases, gastro-enteric troubles, neuralgia, and, particularly, decayed teeth. They are also good for delaying the aging process of skin cells and promoting the circulation of blood.

☆How to get there:
1) Seoul ⇒ National Road No. 6 ⇒ Yangpyeong ⇒ National Road No. 44 ⇒ Hongcheon ⇒ Inje ⇒ Han-gyeryeong Pass ⇒ Yang-yang ⇒ National Road No. 7 ⇒ drive 11.4km straight ahead ⇒ Naksan ⇒ Seokrakdong concourse of three streets ⇒ turn left ⇒ drive 7.1km ⇒ Seorak Bridge ⇒ turn right in the direction of Misiryeong Pass ⇒ drive 3.8km ⇒ Cheoksan Hot Springs
2) Seoul ⇒ National Road No. 6 ⇒ Yangpyeong ⇒ National Road No. 44 ⇒ Hongcheon ⇒ Inje ⇒ National Road No. 46 in the direction of Misiryeong Pass ⇒ Daemyung Sorak Leisure Town ⇒ drive 4.6km in the direction of Sokcho ⇒ Seorak Plaza Resortel ⇒ turn right ⇒ Cheoksan Hot Springs

3) Osaek Hot Spring Spa

The mineral waters here are 42℃ alkaline waters. They are known to be effective for sufferers of high blood pressure and diabetes, neuralgia and gastro-enteric troubles.

The waters are especially good for the skin, so this spa is called "Beauty Spa." Many newly-wed couples visit the resort on their honeymoon, considering that the spa commands a fine view in all directions.

Telephone: 033-672-2883
Address: Osaek 1-li, Seo-myeon, Yangyang County, Gangwon-do

☆How to get there:
Seoul ⇒ Olympic Road ⇒ Misari ⇒ Paldang Bridge ⇒ Yangpyeong ⇒ Hongcheon ⇒ Sinnam ⇒ Inje ⇒ Wontong ⇒ Han-gyeryeong Pass ⇒ Osaek

Baekam Hot Springs

Baekam hot springs are located in Uljin County, Gyeongsangbuk-do (North Gyeongsang Province). The waters are 32-53℃ hot. This spa has been famous since the Silla period (B.C. 57 – A.D. 935). The sulfurous waters are effective in helping treat various kinds of diseases, as they also contain potassium chloride, sodium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and other minerals.

Sungryu Park Tourist Hotel
Telephones: 054-787-3711/5, 02-745-3711
Website: (Korean)

Hotel Phoenix
Telephone: 054-787-3044/5
Website: (Korean)

☆How to get there:
1) Gangneung ⇒ Donghae ⇒ Uljin ⇒ Pyeonghae ⇒ Baekam Hot Springs
2) Yeongdong Expressway ⇒ Jung-ang Expressway ⇒ Punggi Exit ⇒ Yeongju ⇒ Bonghwa ⇒ Subi ⇒ Baekam Hot Springs

Yuseong Hot Springs

According to legend, King Taejo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910), and his son King Taejong, the third king of the dynasty, used to take baths at this hot spring. Many Buddhist monks enjoyed bathing at the spa on their way to and from temples in Mt. Gyeryong.

The 42-65℃ mineral waters are alkaline and contain radium, sulfur, calcium and nitrogen. They are known to be effective in treating skin diseases, gastro-enteric disorders, arthritis, diabetes, women's complaints and cerebral pain.

Yousung Hotel
Telephone: 042-820-0100
Websites: (Korean) and (English)

Hotel Riviera
Telephone: 042-822-5250
Websites: (Korean) and (English)

Hotel Adria
Telephone: 042-824-0211
Websites: (Korean) and (English)

☆How to get there:
Honam Expressway ⇒ Yuseong Exit ⇒ turn right ⇒ drive 2.7km ⇒ Yuseong Hot Springs
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Hot Spring Spas and Resorts (the best kept secrets in Korea) Empty Re: Hot Spring Spas and Resorts (the best kept secrets in Korea)

Post  bjeb318 on Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:57 am

Icheon Hot Springs

More than 500 years old, the hot springs were discovered in 1870. The water's high sodium concentration is beneficial for soothing skin problems, arthritis and gynecological diseases. It also helps mothers recovering from giving birth and refreshes the skin. As a beverage, it is effective for digestive disorders. Most famous among the hot springs is that of the Miranda Hotel. In particular, you don't want to miss the opportunity to soak in the outdoor hot springs bath, one of Icheon's most famous spots. The difference between the temperatures in and out of the bath helps to extract wastes by expanding and contracting the blood vessels. People can enjoy the dual pleasure of swimming and the effect of the hot springs. The 140m long aqua-tube slide which is equal to jumping off a 5-story building, adds to the fun.


- Bus : It is a 5-10 minutes walk from Icheon Bus Terminal to the spas.
- Car : Exit from the Jungbu Expressway at the Gonjiam Tollgate and take state route #3 in the direction of Icheon.
Exit from the Yeongdong Expressway at the Icheon Tollgate and take state route #3 in the direction of Icheon.

Travel Information

- For Information : Hotel Miranda 82-31-633-2001, Seolbong Spa Tourist Hotel 82-31-635-5701
- Nearby Tourist Attractions :

Icheon Pottery Village 82-31-630-0273/4
Mt. Seolbongsan 82-31-630-0102

Woncheon Resort

This vast recreation ground, measuring 3,993,884m², was created around its major resources - two reservoirs and densely forested hills. Boats, swimming pools and fishing grounds are available for use by visitors. A full scale project is underway to develop the area as a comprehensive tourist attraction that includes a huge camping site in the luxuriant woods, Woncheon Lakeland, a fitness center, cable cars across the waters and tourist hotels.


- Bus : From the Seoul Nambu Express Bus Terminal, take the Suwon - bound bus (departs every 20 minutes, 1-hour travel time)
- Car : Exit from the Gyeongbu Expressway at the Suwon Tollgate and drive approximately 5 minutes towards downtown Suwon.

Travel Information

- For Information : Control Office 82-228-2733
- Nearby Tourist Attractions :

Everland: 82-31- 320-5000
Korean Folk Village: 82-31- 286-2116/7
Hwaseong Fortress: 82-31-228-4410
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