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Airport Discussion from SKMF group site re: Airport Directions Empty Airport Discussion from SKMF group site re: Airport Directions

Post  Daphne and Co on Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:07 am

Amber Thompson Trying to get ideas of how people's husbands were able to get to the airport and pick them up if they arrived after them... Did they take a bus? Subway? Find a ride from someone else?

Amber Thompson My husband will be coming from Camp Casey. How should he get there to pick me up? He looked at the bus schedule and there was only two times a day the bus leaves for there or back. I'd prefer not to have to sit at the airport for 3 hrs after being on a plane for 15 hrs... Any advice? Do I ask around for someone with a car that will drive my husband?

Alysha Bass They ususually take the train (subway)

Amber Thompson Is it a straight shot on the train or do you have to transfer a bunch of times?

Alysha Bass I think you have to transfer like 3 different trains but there is also an outside bus that runs hourly and thats what we did it t kes like an hour and half but the kids slept the whole way and it will drop you right off in front of camp casey

Amber Thompson An hourly bus? Does that run from Camp Casey to airport and then back again? What bus is it? My husband could only find one that left twice a day...

Misti Prochnow that's the free army bus that only leaves twice a day. the limousine bus costs money, but it leaves all the time.

We just took the train to Incheon to pick up the kids. Actually, it was pretty easy. We transferred twice. The trip took just about 3 hours each way, but it was worth it for us, because we had 5 people coming back, and I didn't want to pay that kind of money on the limo bus. Smile
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Alysha Bass I am not sure my husband took the subway to the airport and then we took a bus from the airport to camp casey and we got in at like 4 and by the time you get done through customs we grabbed something too eat and the bus left like at 7 and we got to camp casey at 9

Alysha Bass The limo bus is only like 5000 won

Amber Thompson well thats not too bad if it's leaving that often...

Samantha Payne Talk to your FRG leaders!!! There are resources out there to get you up to Casey. They should have the information, or be able to direct you to the right people.

Amber Thompson I don't think we have any because we might be doing it when I get there... lol... My husband found out that since we know about our tickets ahead of time that his batallion can reserve a vehicle and then they'll find somebody to drive him to pick us up! His 1st sgt is awesome helping us the way he has!

Daphne TheSuperior there is also an AAFES cab that goes to the airport and back, i know the number is posted at the px.. i'll try to find it (since i wrote it down before) and post it..
also, if your husband has a korean license he can rent a car from AVIS inside the px, and drive down there

Tammy King My husbands unit always takes us to the airport and picks us up when we return. Granted, we have to drive our car on post and meet them and thats where they drop us off, but its great because you dont have to wait for buses or travel by subway with luggage AND kids.

Briana Guess We take the limo bus. It stops at the bus stop opposite of Casey gate. The schedule is listed there. It is 11,000 won each way but well worth it.

Christina Jensen My husband is trying to find where the limo bus stops right now as I'm typing this. I guess he's having difficulties locating it. He wants to know which gate it is across from. Can anyone help?

Tammy King at yongsan, the limo bus stops at all the major hotels in the area. Capital, Marriott....

Kelly O'Lone Mendoza If you are at Yongsan, take a cab ride over to the Capital Hotel.. its right around the corner from Gate 52 (commissary). It takes about 90 min to get to the airport as it makes stops at all the major hotels and a few stops along the streets. The bus leaves every 20 min from the Capital Hotel (or any other of the stops I assume). 14000 won per person one way. You can pay at the cashier in the hotel.

If you need a ride from the airport, go out exit 5. There is a window to buy bus tickets. Just tell them the capital hotel and they will give you a ticket and tell you where to stand. There are guys that stand out there and help you get into the line you need to be in.

Adriane Mandakunis There is also the DHL bus that runs about every hour or so to and from the airport.

Christina Jensen Thank you all for the info. We are heading to Camp Casey. He said that he found the bus and the last time that they depart from the airport is 1900. We don't arrive til 1915 so that one obviously won't work for us. I think we are going to end up having to wait for the one that leaves at 2300. Long wait, but worth it to finally be getting there!

Briana Guess glad you found the information you needed!
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Airport Discussion from SKMF group site re: Airport Directions Empty Re: Airport Discussion from SKMF group site re: Airport Directions

Post  Tojai on Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:14 am

If you're having trouble with the base transportation you might consider taking a Korean bus to the airport. They run extremely frequently, moreso than the base buses from what I have heard. If you take the Korean bus make sure you ask for Incheon airport, there is also an airport at Gimpo so don't get a tickt there!

The bus terminal for Pyeongtaek is right next to Pyeongtaek Station. There is also a bus terminal in Songtan near Osan Air Base, and in Seoul there are two, the Express Bus Terminal and the Nambu Bus Terminal.

Price will depend on how far you're going but it's pretty cheap, I think from Pyeongtaek it Incheon is less than 10K won.

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