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Tall Womens Clothing

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Tall  Womens Clothing Empty Tall Womens Clothing

Post  bjeb318 Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:52 am

I have a problem most of y'all don't have. I'm really tall. Like 6'2" tall. Is there any places over there that sell tall womens clothing? Im guessing I will be hard pressed to find much of anything, but a little help never hurt

Hey Donna, I have exactly the same issue (6'1.5") and the answer is NO NON Niet, however you wanna call it, online is the way to go, forget the PX most of the time, pants, nor shirts are ever long enough and they do not carry tall women's clothing, find the online venues you like before you come over and make sure they ship to APO/FPO, I know OldNavy, Sears, Lane Bryant andd Target do, all with decent tall selections. Good luck, also if you should have bigger than a size 10 shoe be prepared to order, every once in a great while in the PX they might have a size 11 but that is rare. Don't worry, ppl willl stare and ask you how it is to be tall but in general, they give you a 2 or 3 second look and then move on, and for clothing and shoes, your mailbox will become your best friend.

Great post!I'm 6 footish too! I always shop online. The buckle has a great clearance section if you ar into that style.

FYI. Korea is the best place to get custom made clothes at a cheap price!!! Made to fit! There wont be a name brand on it, but Ive purchased some things and am pretty pleased!!!
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