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Apartment Negotiations

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Apartment Negotiations Empty Apartment Negotiations

Post  bjeb318 Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:35 am

We negotiated a washer/dryer combo, countertop convection oven, 3 transformers, A/C.
I wish we would have negotiated blinds/curtains. There's alot of huge windows and it's going to be alot of money to try and cover them.

Oh and we also negotiated cable/internet

here in Daegu, we were able to negotiate 6 transformers, 300 trash bags, cable/internet and all utilities...oh and blinds. At Humphreys our house has dual voltage, so there's no need for transformers (but we had purchased 2 small ones here that we will take there with us). The house uses 100% of our other than what's already in it, the only other thing we got was satellite, internet, plus 800,000 won towards utilities. We couldn't get a washer/dryer, but we can borrow one from housing on post, so that's not an issue. Some of our friends were able to negotiate a cleaning lady.

You had to negotiate A/C's? They weren't already built into your unit...weird.

Honestly, it all really depends on the place you find and what you'll need to negotiate. If you're able to find a place with AC, Washer/dryer, appliances, those are things you won't have to worry about in your lease..just make sure you ask your realtor what all appliances are included.

negotiated for internet, Korean cable, 4 A/Cs, firewood allowance, 1/2 price oil, 2 parking spots, landlord to pay for tap water and water jugs (4 a month), and that the dishwasher be replaced.

I think negotiating utilities into your lease is a good thing. We are DOD we don't get any extra in our pay to cover I'm not sure how much you all get as active duty. Anyway..we're allotted $800/month in utilities in our apartment...which seems like a lot, but in the summer months, Electric gets VERY expensive if you're running your AC. I have a friend that lives in the same building as us...and last summer she said she ran her AC in the evenings only during the week and afternoons/evenings on the weekends and her electric bill got up over $1200 for 2 months. we were able to negotiate a roll-over into our during the winter months...if we only use say $500 of our $800 utility allowance, we're allowed to carry over the remaining $300 month to month to cover the summer months.
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