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What to Bring and Not

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What to Bring and Not Empty What to Bring and Not

Post  bjeb318 Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:55 am

We sent almost all of our stuff the only stuff to go to stoarage was our giant entertainment center,recliner,side table, computer desk, daughters baby stuff, all pictures, and any kind of memory stuff, that wouldve stayed in a box the whole time.. And for out unaccompanied baggage since that was getting there about the same time we were, we sent all the stuff we could live with for a couple months... we only had 500 lbs, and we sent plates,cups,bowls, pots,pans, silverware, computer, sheets,towels,comforters,pillows, 2 bigger toys items for my daughter and a basket of smaller toys,all of our clothes for daughter me and Hubby, Paper towels, toilet paper, dvd's, radio, spices, all kinds of kitchen utensils, plastic bags, aluminum foil, tools, books and activities for my daughter.. LOL it seems like it weighs a TON.. but that ALL was only 420 lbs.. we weighed it while we were packing and had it all weighed again .. If u even have a bathroom scale, you can even put stuff in boxes and weigh the boxes, we could not BELIEVE how much it took to make 500 lbs!! For our normal HHG shipments, we basically took everything, couch, queen bed, twin bed, 3 dressers, 1 night stand, kitchen table, and well a TON of BOXES lol

We brought everything we use on a daily basis. Including dining room table, couches, beds, etc. We didn't bring any dressers which I've since heard you don't want any. Most of the newer apartments having closets built right into the walls, you'd have no where to put a dresser. We stored pretty much everything we had in storage in the garage plus stuff that was in our extra room. I don't want an apt with borrowed furniture. I want my own.

honestly nothing i wish i would have left sum stuff because like someone said most places have dressers built in or they provided with apartment. If there not u can get them that includes beds, there all brand new beds and we got 6 beds and dressers just have to give stuff back when we move of course...
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