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Post  bjeb318 Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:00 am

has a english subway guide.. (incidently you can also get it from the IN THE ZONE mag that comes out on post every month).. also on this site is the tourist info for various places of interest...

directions to and from the places, ticket info, and locker info..

Also, if you are in Area II go to ACS and sign up for the Transportation Class. They will show you how to navigate the Subways, and you get a free T-Money Card.

T-Money is the best way to travel on public transportation in Korea. The more you use it the cheaper the price on fares. I once used it 6 times in one day and two of my rides were free. Plus you get a 100 won discount on all fares.

t money can also be used by some cabs and by some stores like paris baguette.. plus the t money card is easier and more convenient than the single fare tickets

Here is the site to check what time the train comes
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