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Any information on a Lost and surrendered Pet (around September 6, 2006) (Osan Area)

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Any information on a Lost and surrendered Pet  (around September 6, 2006) (Osan Area) Empty Any information on a Lost and surrendered Pet (around September 6, 2006) (Osan Area)

Post  Daphne and Co Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:02 am

From Angela Pedraza;

okay.....I know this is random but I thought it wouldnt hurt to try.Almost 4 years ago when I left Korea we had to surrender our Golden Retriever to the Osan Vet Clinic due to flight restrictions at the time and it was heartbreaking and I have thought about my dog everyday since and wonder how he's doing. I know this is a long shot but I know he was adopted no more then 4 days after we surrendered him (so around September 6, 2006) by a family in Osan living in Mustang Village right across the high school. I have since tried contacting the Osan Vet clinic every few months for the past 3 years trying to get any kind of information I can on his well being but of course they wont release any information or even let me know if he's okay, left country,still in country,etc. I would never dare ask for him back from his new family....I just want to know that he's okay....he was very attached to me and when I gave birth to my son and he temporarily went to stay with my sister he ran away from her and showed up at my front door two days later twice in one month.If anyone in Osan has any information on a male golden retriever ( he'll be 6 years old March 4th) he has a very distinguishable black speck in his left eye. He weighed about 65ibs.VERY friendly, had chronic ear problems due to allergies, his name was Kebo but I heard from someone about a year ago that his name may have been changed to Butters. Please if anyone has any information on a golden retriever matching this description and age please msg me. Again, I am not looking to get my dog back....I just want to know that he's happy,healthy....and okay because a couple years I also got information that he may have been hit by a car running away possibly trying to find me but Osan Vet Clinic refused to deny or confirm that information for me. I know this is a long shot.....but I never stopped thinking about my dog or miss him and I suppose I'll always search for him because I dont know what happened to him.
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