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What support is available for bottle feeding?

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What support is available for bottle feeding? Empty What support is available for bottle feeding?

Post  LILMaMa Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:46 am

Even though they suppose breastfeeding at the WICU, they understand that it may be a personal choice for you to bottle feed or supplement. They will ask you why you are choosing to bottle fee, but only to make sure that you aren't bottle feeding because you feel that it is your only option. They offer Similac and Enfamil, and have them in bottles already, so you do not have to bring any bottles. They also have NUK pacifiers. If you want to supplement, they recommend that you strictly breastfeed your infant for the first two weeks of life, and then introduce a bottle at this time to avoid nipple confusion. If you choose to supplement your infant in the hospital, they encourage you to breastfeed first, and then offer the bottle immediately afterward to help your milk come in and hopefully avoid nipple confusion.
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