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The Rules.. A Reminder

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The Rules.. A Reminder Empty The Rules.. A Reminder

Post  Daphne and Co Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:16 am

Any message demeaning, or found to be offensive towards any military branch, The United States of America, or to any of the members in regards to demeaning and or offensive references in rank and or status, religious and sexual preference etc, are also prohibited. All moderators reserve the right to delete or ban members at their own accord, as per the safety and security of the information provided by both forum staff and members, no justification of this action is necessary. As rank is a sensitive issue amongst military affiliated individuals, no “pulling of rank” is allowed, i.e.; demeaning a member because of rank or status, applying to messages or postings words that can be seen as attacking or belittling. However the forum moderators do reserve the right to create platforms based on this topic in the interest of merely connecting members. In doing so the moderator as well as the administrators will strive to uphold these guidelines regarding rank as to not separate or segregate the members. As per OPSEC no classified information is to be posted within any forums or private messages. If for any reason we deem a message or find a message to be in violation of OPSEC advisories’ we reserve the right to delete or “pull ” a message until further notice and member will be warned and or deleted. Keep in mind, you provide personal information on your own accord. Say Hello It’s good to be nice towards people on this forum Say Thank You When we help you, just a thank you costs only a few seconds Don’t Attack Members or Staff on the Forum Disagree? Be polite about it and message the staff instead regarding the issue Have Fun Your on this forum to relax, meet and support each other, so we ask you to have fun (inside the limits of respect) =)
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