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Procedures for In Country Requests
Your Brigade S1 is your initial and primary point-of-contact to assist you with your request after you've discussed the options with the Chain of Command.

USAG-Y MPD will simultaneously staff the application with the screening agencies (DoDDS-K Schools, Housing and 65th Med Bde). They have two working days to process the request.

The screening agencies evaluate the supportability of the requests. If the request is deemed supportable, they will forward their concurrence to USAG-Y MPD. If the screening agency deems the request is non-supportable, they will forward the request to the supporting Area Garrison Commander with a statement on why the action is recommended for disapproval. The screening agencies have three working days to process the request.

The Area Garrison Commander is the disapproval authority for determining installation support. The Area Garrison Commander will evaluate the request and if he can reallocate resources to support the application, he will forward the request to USAG-Y MPD for issuance of Command Sponsorship orders. If the Garrison Commander determines the installation cannot support the request, he will inform the Brigade Commander of the Service member's unit that the request cannot be supported.

Once USAG-Y MPD receives approval or disapproval from the screening agencies or Area Garrison Commander, they will coordinate with the EUSA G1 to obtain a Command Sponsorship number and issue orders informing the Service member of the status of the request. USAG-Y MPD will adjust Date Eligible to Return From Overseas (DEROS) as required to ensure the Service member meets the requirements for Command Sponsorship. USAG-Y MPD has two working days to process the action.

The Service member will submit the request for Command Sponsorship through their Unit PAC or Battalion S1. The Brigade S1 will forward the paperwork to USAG-Y MPD CSP Support Team, copy furnished to the 2ID G1 Team. USAG-Y MPD will begin processing the Command Sponsorship request once all required documents are received.

This information was taken directly from the Camp Red Cloud Website. The forms that you need are also on this site.
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