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Post  LILMaMa on Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:30 pm

Taken from one of the members got this from the USFK Facebook discussion on this new program. I am going to the information session to gather more info so any questions that you all may have...Please post.

She will be asking how this will work for Non CS families. Hopefully this will take some of the cost out of your PCS back.

What is PE: A dedicated flight for military members only to and from the us via Seattle. You will be flying through Osan to Japan to Seattle. Then commercial to your final destination. What is awesome about it is space A is 30 bucks a person. So if you want to fly back to the can do so VERY cheap.

What does this mean: When you are PCSing you HAVE to take the Patriot Express. No more commerical flights. If you have pets, you will be taking a commercial flight since ROK will not let pets go in and out of Korea on this flight as of yet. They are working to

On to the information session:

Good Morning Everyone,
We would like to welcome you to our Patriot Express Facebook session today and let you all know how excited we are to be bringing PE (that's short for Patriot Express) back to the Republic of Korea. PE service will officially begin 5 APR 2010 with two flights a week from Seattle via Japan to Osan with one of those flights also going to Kunsan.

For those folks who have been here in the past, you may remember that we had PE here in Korea up until 1 Oct 2005, but was cancelled primarily because it was not cost effective due to low usage rates. With more and more Command Sponsored families now and in the future, we, along with USTRANSCOM fell the time is right to reestablish the PE program for Korea.

Three of the primary reasons we are bringing it back are:
1. To give our service members and their families more travel options to include more Space Available travel options.
2. To create an environment that enhances quality of life for our service members, civilians and their families, and.
3. While the service is targeted mainly toward service members and families traveling on PCS moves, it's open to members traveling on temporary duty and those eligible for space-available travel.

Here are a list of common Q&A we've been asked over the past few weeks:

Q. What are the costs involved?
A. The only cost involved with traveling Space-A on the Patriot Express is a $15.40 head tax and a $12.00 Federal Inspection Service Fee. For just under $30 per person, you have the opportunity to fly back to the US.

Q. How long is the wait for Space-A travel?
A. Depending on the time of year you are looking to travel, you could have a
longer or shorter wait time. For Space-Available travel, once all required personnel are ticketed, seats will be released for space-available passengers, who will be selected on eligibility requirements and category within the Joint Travel Regulation (DOD Reg 4515.13R Chap. 6) and the traveler’s time of sign up.

Q. What are the flight schedules to and from Korea?
A. Seattle-Misawa-Osan-Misawa-Seattle arrives on Monday at 1220 and departs on Tuesday at 0930; Seattle-(Anchorage for gas)-Yokota-Osan-Kunsan-Osan-Yokota-(Anchorage for gas)-Seattle arrives at Osan at 1130 Wednesday and departs to Seattle on Thursday at 1250.

Q. How are the flights funded?
A. The Space-Available passenger pays out of pocket for the Head Tax and Federal Inspection Service Fee. Meals are provided free of charge by the airline. Space-Required travel is funded via fund site on orders provided by the traveler. Seats not filled by official (space-required) fliers are assigned free to space-available travelers, who include active and reserve component members on leave, retirees and academy cadets.

Q. Can I ship my pets on Patriot Express?
A. Unfortunately, pets are currently not allowed to enter or depart Korea via the PE. Incheon is the only point of entry or arrival per the SOFA due to quarantine and paperwork requirements. We are working with the ROK Government to allow pets on PE but until resolved, passengers with pets will be booked via commercial means.

Q. Is this program long-term?
A. This re-establishment of the PE is meant to support quality of life initiatives in conjunction with tour normalization in Korea. The routes will be reviewed annually for viability and possible changes.

Q. Are contractors eligible for Space A Travel?
A. Space Available, No; Space-Required, under certain circumstances. See your Installation Transportation Officer (ITO)/Traffic Management Officer (TMO) for more details.

Q. How does the process work on both ends (Korea and Seattle)?
A. Electronic Sign up through the Osan web site, by fax or in person at Osan Passenger Terminal. Member must be on leave in order to sign up and will be selected based on category and date/time of sign up.

Q. Is it mandatory for those on PCS/TDY status?
A. The use of AMC procured transportation (PATRIOT EXPRESS) must be the first option used when booking tickets. If the mode of travel does not meet the needs of the mission, alternative methods are available, in line with DoD Guidance. Your TMO/ITO will have more details.

Q. Do you still have options for leave-in-route?
A. The option for Leave-en-route is still available. However, any expense beyond the standard routing will be paid for by the traveling member. The member would be responsible to pay for the difference between the Space-Required rate for the ticket from Korea to the next duty location and the ticket for the leave destination.

Q. Will I be required to fly on the Patriot Express for my PCS move?
A. Yes, unless there are extenuating circumstances. These will be handled on a case by case basis, in accordance with DOD Policy and service specific guidance. In lieu of service guidance, a statement of negative mission critical impact signed by the first O6 in the chain of command is required.

For those of you in Yongsan there is an information session:
If you're interested in learning more about PATRIOT EXPRESS flights from Korea through Japan to the U.S. and you're at USAG-Yongsan, you might want to attend the PATRIOT EXPRESS briefings provided by the Osan Passenger Terminal folks.
When: Monday, 8 Mar and Monday, 15 Mar Times: 0900, 1100, 1300, 1500 each day
Where: ...Multipurpose Training Facility #2 (Main Post Theater) on Yongsan
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