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Gyms around Camp Casey

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Gyms around Camp Casey Empty Gyms around Camp Casey

Post  bjeb318 Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:31 am

For those of you that live in the New City area there is a closer option than going to post to work out at the gym a few times a week. There is a brand new gym that opened up in the Humanville Apt building. It is only 72,000 won for 3 months (about $22 a month) There is no initiation fees or anything just a 5,000 won deposit if you want your own locker. They are open Mon-Fri 6am to 10 pm and 6am to 8pm on the weekends. They also offer aerobics/step classes as well as belly dancing classes, butr I havent tried going to those. The trainers there are really nice and will help you with your workout one on one for no extra charge. The younger ones dont speak english but the older man does speak a little. I have been going there for about a month now and I really like it. Heading east from Jihang station it is a 5 minute walk. It's called Humanville Fitness Center ph 031-866-0390

for anyone who is still not sure where this is.. basically its right between jihaeng and ace apartments (that means meridian people, its close near you too!) i have seen this gym, and its really very nice, lots of amenities, and in a good area. I highly recommend this gym for anyone who is interested.

Hyundai Ipark and right downstairs from my building is a gym called Spotec's number is 010-2043-7341 or 010-4195-9118. Prices are 40,000 won for one month or 80,000 won for 3 months and includes a personal trainer.
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