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Bringing pets to korea

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Bringing pets to korea Empty Bringing pets to korea

Post  LILMaMa Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:26 pm
It is challenging to bring pets to Korea and is not usually recommended but it is feasible.

Below are specific websites you can visit to find information that will help you travel with your pet(s) legally and safely. I'm sure it will help in relieving some amount of stress in an already stressful process.

Pet transport is relatively easy to Korea. If you are bringing pets please notify them as soon as possible. The pet transport process may take up to one month delaying your employee's start date. Key steps to transporting pets are:

DOCUMENTS: Obtain specific (USDA) health certifications, documents, and vaccinations (such as rabies) for your pet.

AIRLINE: Contact your airline. Ask if they allow pet transport in the cabin or cargo area, reserve a spot for your pet (they fill up), and give the airline your pet profile including weight in pounds (there is a weight requirement), and cage size and dimensions (there is a limit).

DESTINATION: Contact the country you will arrive in. Make sure your pet will not be taken from you once you get there. The National Animal Quarantine Service can help you with this information which is on the attached flier.

CONFIRMATION: Sometimes you deal with people who don't really know what they're doing and will say anything to get you off of the phone. Double check and keep records of whom you spoke with so they can be held accountable. Ultimately, you are accountable for yourself and your pet. Double checking can save time and possible disappointment.

Points to Consider - To Bring or Not to Bring
First, a pet will limit your freedom to a degree. By that I mean if you want to travel within the country you will be restricted by your pet. Also, if you're interested in exploring travel possibilities in other countries you will also face some problems with who will take care of the animal (there are limited boarding facilities). Remember that in many cases, your colleagues will have time off at the SAME time as you and they’ll have the same ideas about traveling and exploring the country.

Secondly, the apartments, while there are nice, are also quite small. In addition to that they are provided by the school and often, schools are hesitant to allow pets in the housing as, ultimately, any damage will be their responsibility. There is very little green space unless you go to parks or are interested in hiking so that's a consideration as well.

If you've given this some thought and you can't part with your pet for a year here is some additional information to help you out:

Incheon Airport: (search PETS)
National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service:
Pet Travel Website:

When arriving with animals or livestock in Korea, you must submit an animal quarantine certificate from the country of departure to the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service and receive quarantine.

Questions on Import / Export Animals : 82-32-752-1271~2
Questions on Import / Export Pets : 82-32-740-2660~2
Questions on Import / Export Livestock : 82-32-740-2642, 2646
Questions on using Cargo Terminal : 82-32-740-2680~1
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