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Prepare Your pets for Evacuation

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Prepare Your pets for Evacuation Empty Prepare Your pets for Evacuation

Post  LILMaMa Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:15 am

• Locate pet-friendly hotels or shelters for use in an emergency.
• Make a pet emergency supply kit. Include food, water, medications, leash, carrier, toy, veterinary and insurance documents and a photograph of your pet.
• Make sure your pets’ identifi cation tags are up to date and secured on their collars. Consider microchipping your pets.
• Ask a neighbor to evacuate or care for your pets in case you are not at home.

During an Emergency
• Pets may become frightened. Allow extra time to secure your pets.
• If you are told to evacuate and you can bring your pets:
- Make sure each carrier is secure and tagged with your pet’s name, description, and contact details.
- Understand that many shelters do not allow pets. You may have to board your pets or place them in a shelter prepared for evacuated pets.
• If you are told to evacuate and are ordered not to bring your pets:
- Bring your pets inside and place them in an interior room.
Never leave your pets outside during an emergency.
- Leave plenty of food and water.
- Place a notice on your door that your pets are inside. List the type and number of animals on your property, your name, phone number and the name and phone number of your veterinarian.
- Make arrangements for someone to visit your pets until you can return.
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